How To: Provide routine care and maintenance for the 950P

Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

Cleaning the Unit

⚠️  Caution: Always disconnect power to the unit before servicing

Depending on the contamination level, this procedure should be conducted about once a year or during each filter change or if an electrical problem occurs.

  • Remove the V-Bank Main Filter and High Energy Grid Assembly. To clean the wires, use a lint-free swab, either dry or moistened with denatured alcohol, clean along the length of each wire and spring clips. Clean the inner surfaces of the High Energy Grid material using a lint cloth moistened with denatured alcohol.
  • Clean the High Energy Grid surface by vacuuming between the wires using a small vacuum attachment or by using a lint-free cloth, either dry or moistened with denatured alcohol. Take care to avoid leaving large fibers snagged on the wires, control grid, or other components of the High Energy Grid. Make sure that any contaminant that falls to the bottom of the filter unit is removed.
  • In extreme cases, it may be necessary to remove the wires from the springs attached at each end to the power distribution bars, thus allowing complete access to the inside of the High Energy Grid assembly for cleaning as previously described. It is recommended that the manufacturer be contacted for detailed instructions should this step appear necessary.
  • Vacuum the bottom of the filter seal plate section and of the filter unit to remove any particles dislodged during cleaning. Reinstall the High Energy Grid, V-Bank Main Filter, and Filter Access Door as previously instructed. Do not install the High Energy Grid to the V Bank Filter until the wires are completely dry.

    1.  Pre-filter - Replace every 3-6 months
    2. Main Filter - Replace every 12-18 months