How does Intellipure's industry-leading DFS technology work?

DFS, or “electrically enhanced/stimulated air filtration” technology was developed through a U.S. military grant. It has been rigorously lab-tested and has been proven to remove 99.99% at 0.007 (µm). DFS technology also guarantees greater lifetime performance.

  • Each unit is individually tested with a class 1 laser particle counter and is certified to exceed traditional HEPA filtration providing the highest level of ultrafine particle and virus removal.
  • The DFS high energy field creates a self‐contained, highly energized state in the main filter that clusters ultrafine particles to make them larger, allowing the main filter to effectively capture ultrafine particles.
  • The DFS continually creates high energy exposure through the pleats and fibers of the main filter. This prevents organism growth in the main filter and prevents live organisms from escaping back into the air.

Clearing the Air on the Common Misconceptions Between HEPA, ULPA and DFS

At Intellipure®, we believe in all technologies; the utilization of technology is what matters most. Through continuous innovation over the past 40 years, our team has developed and innovated over 25 air cleaning patents and developed technologies that have led the way in the indoor air quality industry. And we’re just getting started.

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