What do I do if my package arrives damaged?

Your Intellipure unit has been carefully packaged to avoid damage in shipping and storage. If your package arrives damaged or missing contents, please file a claim with the shipping company immediately. 

For freight shipment:

  • Your unit has been carefully packed to avoid damage in shipping and storage. Equipment is prepared for shipment in accordance with the Uniform Freight Classification.
  • It is thoroughly inspected at the factory and barring damage in transit, should be received in good condition.
  • When a freight carrier signs the HealthWay bill of lading, the carrier accepts the responsibility for any subsequent shortages or damage evident or concealed.
  • Inspection by the carrier of damage evident or concealed must be requested. Evident shortage or damage should be noted on the carrier’s delivery document before signature of acceptance.
  • Claims must be made against the carrier by the purchaser. Filtration systems are shipped as fully assembled filter units.